Jonathan Seth Hayward is a UX researcher.

One author wrote, "I was born an anthropologist; the training was just a formality." The same is true for Jonathan Hayward for perhaps that most central usability discipline—and more.

It is typical for usability professionals to acquire graduate standing in one core usability discipline.

He is a UX researcher with graduate coursework in all major usability disciplines, including anthropology, cognitive science, computer science, linguistics, philosophy, and psychology.

His knowledge is both broad and deep, extending well beyond these bounds.

UX work, including usability, fascinates him, and the most pleasure he's had at work has always been making things a delight to use or reducing user pain.

He has also lived in four countries on three continents, and has letters after his name from three of those four countries: evidence of ability to function across cultural difference that is at the heart of usability. He is also an IT veteran, an accomplished author, and is consistently told, "You're the brightest person I know."

What does this mean for you? It means actionable, measurable insights delivered with surprising speed. It means that he will connect the dots and communicate his findings very effectively. It means that you will quite possibly join the ranks of the bosses who have been stunned at what he accomplishes.

It means you also may be stunned at how quickly. It means that he will be able to identify and execute some very useful things that you did not even know to ask.

But those who know me say he's easy to work with and will want to make you look good. It may be hard to capture and convey in a few words—but it is there.

He'd like to hear from you!

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